Top 12 Hair Trends For Summer 2013

Summer’s here again and it’s time to throw away warm coats and caps, and let your hair feel the breeze again. Girls, check out these top hair trends for summer, and get ready to flaunt what you got!


Put those hair straighteners to work; super straight hair is back and in trend for spring-summer 2013. Wear your hair poker-straight and glossy, and you’re ready for boardroom or catwalk.

super straight hair


Blow-dry it, create a parting, and secure into a firm nape ponytail. Spritz with a shine mist and knot it into a round ballet bun, tucked under bun or the classic double knot. Seal it all with anti-frizz spray.

knotted hair


A braid speaks of innocence. Try simple braids, one-side braids or crisscross braids over your head. Here’s a cute style – straighten your hair and braid a small portion from under one ear and tuck it under the other ear.

The New Low Pony

Blow-dry and iron your hair and catch it at the very nape of your neck in a low pony. The ironing emphasizes the length of the tail. You can use a clip, a ribbon or any accessory to keep the pony in place.

Wet Hair

Slick your hair back using gel. You can create side parts around the crown and slick the center hair, or finger comb slick hair to define the shape of your head. You can also rake your hair into a shiny French twist.


Wash your hair, towel dry it and then tousle it. Scrunch up the ends with water and voluminizing foam to create natural bends. Twist strands into a bun and create texture by misting with aerosol hair powder. Release the bun and spray more powder for a wavy look.

Over The Top Accessories

Use dominating hair accessories – everything from elaborate beads, to sporty neon bands, crowns, fabric flowers, pearls, beekeeper-inspired headpieces and even printed scarves. Try them all on.

Undone Updos

This trend is all about looking put together and undone at the same time. Pin your hair in a twist, pull it into a bun, or create a ponytail – just give it all an undone, slightly untidy, casual coolness look.

Retro Glamour

Retro glamor emulates hair style trends of previous decades. Side updos, center parting with flowing sides, slick hair pinned to one side, or a beautiful finger curl beneath a pretty scarf or hat.

Low-Slung Buns

Center or side part your hair and do a low bun at the nape. Keep the bun a little undone- as though you were in a hurry. You can let your hair sweep the sides of your face for a chic look.

The New Fringe

Try faux fringes, choppy fringes and super short styles with a rough fringe. The days of the perfect fringes are over – now it’s outgrown bangs as fringes and low cropped fringes.

Low Maintenance

Wash your hair, apply voluminizer, tease with your fingers, pull out a few strands and you’re ready to go. It’s the ‘mussed up’ look – it’s replacing the grunge look.

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