Three of the Best Beauty Campaigns of 2012

The best beauty campaigns all tried something innovative and captivating which went against the grain of usual beauty campaigns. Many played with the starring celebrity and models which featured in their advertisements. Some were recognisably simple whilst others gave their stars a voice. Here are some of the best beauty ads from 2012.

J’adore Dior

Dior came out with something completely different in 2012 as opposed to their star studded 2011 campaign.Instead of lights, backstage fashion action and glamour, they chose to shoot a serene and beautiful ad in November 2012.

This move proved a success with nearly 12 million current YouTube hits. Dior still kept Charlize Theron as the narrator for the advert as well as its signature colour of gold in order to keep a uniform and recognisable figure to its past campaigns. However, it was a bold move to not feature Charlize or any celebrity or model face throughout the movie-esque ad.

nstead of selling the product using a recognisable face, which has been a staple for the beauty and fashion industries, they chose soft, delicate, natural scenes which were superbly edited to create a captivating short film, backed by the soft tune ‘Sunshine’ by John Murphy. The lack of celebrity flaunting and batting eyelids came as a refreshing change which stood out from similar campaigns at the time.

Lancome and Betty Boop

Betty Boop stars in Lancome Ad. As part of their launch for their new Hypnose Star Mascara, Lancome featured 1930’s cartoon icon, Betty Boop. The advert was both engaging and playful alongside the glitz and glamour you would expect from a Lancome campaign.

Supermodel Daria Werbowy and Betty talk candidly as Betty gives Daria advice about how to come across in her ‘first big movie’.  The advert had reflections of Dior’s popular 2011 ad campaign featuring past iconic movie stars including Marilyn Monroe. However, it was refreshing to see supermodel Daria in a full conversation as opposed to the signature one liner at the end of the advert which is the usual style for beauty and fashion houses.

The fact that she didn’t want to be seen as ‘just an image’ was a clever way for Lancome to sell to the next generation of business savvy, success seeking women. The ad currently has more than 22,000 hits on Lancome’s UK and Ireland YouTube site.

Benefit, Caroline Flack and the Mascarathon

Benefit. In 2012, well known beauty brand Benefit combined marketing with fund raising surrounding the launch of their new product, ‘They’re Real’ Mascara. Alongside the simple, appealing name, Benefit chose the relatable face of presenter Caroline Flack to front the campaign.

The Mascarathon, a 550 mile marathon in support of domestic violence charity, Refuge, was a huge part of the campaign. By August 2011 the team had raised more than £70,000 for the charity. This campaign teamed brand awareness and increased social media marketing with good will and charity which all added up to a long lasting, well delivered beauty campaign which was included the whole of the UK.

This campaign proves that big marketing campaigns exist outside London which can indirectly benefit businesses from Manchester Salons, through to the North, the Midlands and all across the UK and give the UK beauty industry in general a boost.

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