Tips How to Create a Natural Makeup Look

Caked on, obvious makeup is one of the most common beauty mistakes women make. The too much makeup look is unfortunately very common. But there are ways to prevent your makeup from looking too obvious. Follow these tips for a flawless and natural looking face.

natural beauty face

The first tip is to start with a clean slate. Wash your face with gentle cleanser taking care to remove any makeup that still maybe left on the skin. Once you have finished cleansing moisturize your skin in order to prepare it for makeup. Once you have a clean canvas it is time to tint your skin. When creating a natural make up look tinted moisturizers are a great option. They offer some coverage while keeping the skin moisturized and dewy. If you need more coverage then a light foundation in the correct color is your best bet. Remember to apply in an area with natural lighting in order to make sure your makeup matches your skin tone.

After applying the tinted moisturizer or foundation it is time to conceal. The trick with concealer is to not use too much product. Use concealer sparingly around the eyes where it can settle into fine lines. Also when covering a blemish remember to blend well! Well blended concealer looks far more natural and provides better coverage. Creamy formulas work best on blemishes that require a great deal of blending. After you have applied concealer and base you can set your makeup with powder. If you have dry skin you can skip the powder application but if your skin is oily sparingly apply a loose powder with a fluffy brush to your t-zone.

The next step to your natural makeup routine is to pick a flattering color to go on to your cheeks. Cream blushes are a great option in that they provide a natural and subtle flush to the face. Blushes in pinks or a warm peach are great, natural looking options. Remember to blend the blush well in order to provide the most natural and flattering look.

The last step is to define your eyes and your lips. For the best natural looking eye use light shades of brown shadow to define the eyelid and crease. Eyeliner is optional and a shades of brown work best to provide natural looking definition to the lash line. Lining just the top of the lid works the best for a natural look but you can add definition to the waterline if you want your eyes to pop more. Follow this with a mascara either in black or black brown to provide your lashes with more definition. For blondes brown mascara is often a great choice since it provides definition without creating a harsh looking lash line.

Lips are key to creating a natural makeup look. Avoid using bright lip colors and heavy lip liners. The best way to create a natural looking lip is to choose a moisturizing lip color that is close to your natural lip color. Gently apply this color using a lip brush. If you do feel your lips need more definition then a moisturizing lip pencil close to your lip color can be used to provide definition. If you follow these tips then you will be left with a natural looking face.

Author: Aria Meyer is a fashion and technology blogger. She writes for several fashion blogs. She is currently living in West Covina and working closely with to help them grow the fashion and apparel department. Photo by Timothy Marsee

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