Fashion for Plus-Sized Women

Plus sized women have the greatest varieties in fashion available than ever before. Finally, designers have acknowledged that we’re here to stay, and we’re tired of looking like volcanoes. You know the look – tents that serve no other purpose than to cover our bodies. We have curves, and we’re not afraid to show them! With that in mind, here are some tips for selecting beautiful clothing for our beautiful bodies.

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Get the correct size

First of all, don’t buy clothes that are too big. Yes, that’s actually a problem with plus sized women. Our body image is often unrealistic, influencing us to wear a size larger than we actually are. Sometimes, this is also due to the feeling that we need extra room in certain areas. One way to correct this fashion mistake is to wear proper undergarments. For example, if your blouses tend to gap in the front, make sure you’re wearing a good bra. It will lift the “girls” up to where they’re supposed to be, where blouses are made with more room. Foundation garments will smooth your contours, often making it possible to buy a size smaller in clothing. This automatically takes at least 10 pounds from your profile, and your clothes feel fabulous, darling!

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By the same token, don’t buy clothes that are too small. This is especially true with those of us who have gained weight, and can’t believe we’ve gone up 10 sizes. Face it, honey, if you’re size 22, you’re size 22. Don’t try to squeeze into size 18. Clothing that is too tight makes you uncomfortable, and makes you look like you’ve gained a lot of weight and haven’t bought clothes to fit. You probably know someone who is a size 6, who squeezes into a size 4. She looks awful, and brags about how she wears a size 4, and you’re thinking, ”yeah, right”. Chances are, you’re not bragging about wearing a size 18, so honest up with yourself, and buy what fits.

Wear some colour

This isn’t a problem for some people. I’ve been approached by people wearing purple “outfits” as they compliment me on my orange “outfit”. Yeah, I take it a little too far sometimes, but soooo many people don’t take it far enough. Seriously, quit hiding in black. Add a pop of color, and it’s like a shot of caffeine. You’ll feel better, look better, and have more energy. You don’t have to go with the wildly colored kaftans of yesteryear – you know, the ones with huge flowers. Just add a scarf, or a fuchsia blouse with that black suit. Or…a pair of Kelly-green heels with your black slacks! I could go on, but you get the idea.


Speaking of shoes, remember accessories. Accessories are the icing on the cake. When you add jewelry and other accessories, like a great purse, scarves and SHOES, you have taken time to say, “I’m worth it.” They finish the look, and make you appear confident.

So, get out there, and buy clothes that fit, and dress up. You’ll feel great!

Nina Edwards loves to write about all things fashion, when she isn’t looking for new ways to look great you can find her working for a ladies clothing company selling a wide range of Seasalt clothing.

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