Time to Belt Up: Baggy Trousers & Visible Underwear Fines

You’d have to have spent the last 20 years under a rock not to notice the trend for young men to wear their trousers low on their hips. Associated with rap music and the prison community, the trend is popular with urban males and females.

visible pants

The City Council in Cocoa, Florida and  recently implemented a visible pants ban to fine individuals who expose their underwear, and it’s not the only place in America with such rules. A man was recently ejected from a commercial air flight after he refused to pull up his trousers, ending up being charged with trespassing, battery and resisting arrest. Arguably the states in question should have something better to do than police the community’s waistlines, but are low pants so offensive that we must legislate against them?

The bans have sparked controversy as many people say they impinge on their human rights, and that the legislation is a covert move to allow the police to stop and frisk young people in the city. A town in Mexico recently banned the wearing of miniskirts in public. Is this a step too far or should the authorities police fashion choices to protect our eyes?

If you want to avoid a baggy pants or visible underwear fine, then you should invest in a good belt. The mistake that many people make is investing in skate belts, which can look very nice but are not particularly secure and will loosen gradually over a day. For security you can’t beat a high quality leather belt. Belts made from one piece of leather are the most robust, but reconstituted leather is also highly durable.

QR code belt buckle

For fashionably flair, consider wearing a belt with a big buckle. This is popular with skaters, punks and alternative types, typically depicting skulls, scorpians, guns and other potent symbols. My favourite is this QR code belt buckle.

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