What’s Hip In Beauty & Fashion For Men In 2013?

Are you a man wanting to look hip and chic this 2013 but do not have an idea of what to wear? In this article, we will take a look at some fashion trends for men in The Year of the Snake.

floral print

Flowers Anyone?

This coming 2013, flower designs will be coming to men’s fashion. Unveiled during the Paris Fashion Week, one has the option to go completely floral or mix a brightly colored floral shirt with conservative trousers. If you are not comfortable with wearing flowers, you can just add a shade of floral accents on your sleeves or collar.

Extra Large Bermudas

Wearing extra large Bermudas will make men hip this 2013. Whether at home chilling out in front of the television or outdoors with your friends, you will surely look good and stylish with these XL Bermudas.


Camouflage Prints

Camouflage has always been associated with masculinity or being macho probably because it has something to do with military uniforms. But one thing is for sure, in 2013, you do not have to hide but instead flaunt your style and look.

Oversized Suits

For 2013, oversized suits will be the chic style. This will give you a casual-professional look.

Metallic Look

In 2013, metallic look will give men a fashion statement. This new trend was showcased in the Milan Fashion Week by companies such as Canali, Alexander Mcqueen, Burberry, to name just a few.


Leather was a hot property during the winter and will again be in season come fall 2013. Sophisticated and classy, leather fashion for men in 2013 will be more colorful.

Colors, Colors Everywhere

2013 will see plenty of colors in men’s fashion. From top to bottom and even accessories, men’s fashion will be colorful this year.

Sleeveless Jackets

Feel sexy in style with sleeveless jackets. Now, you get an opportunity to show off your biceps and shoulder muscles in style.

To go along with the clothes, here are the different hairstyles of men that will click in 2013. For those who prefer the casual look, they can choose between messy, wavy, choppy bangs, or heavy top style for their hair. For special occasions, the faux hawk style can be an excellent choice.

Long hairstyles have been quite popular in men over the years. Tight low ponytails and pulling and tying the hair are the most popular styles. Formal hairstyles can best be achieved by using the best hair care products. It can give you a neat and clean look. Retro hairstyles are also becoming popular these days. They will make you look good during functions or events.

Feeling and looking good in 2013 will be a breeze with these fashion and hairstyle trends.

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