Metallics… they’re not just for Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of year for dressing up, because I get to wear sequins, jewels, gold, silver… basically anything that makes me look like a party decoration. But that’s OK, because it’s Christmas and you’re allowed to dress like that.

silver headpiece

After the New Year I used to put all my party dresses away unless I had a special birthday to attend, but I’ve always missed my favourite metallics, which is why I’ve tried to come up with some outfits for spring that include a bit of sparkle, but aren’t over the top.

Metallics and jeans

One of the best ways to dress metallics down a bit is to team them with jeans. For a night out, I always go for black skinnies, but if you want a more casual daytime look I think dark blue jeans look nice with both gold and silver. You could even experiment with some of this season’s coloured skinnies – just don’t pair red and gold together, it’s way too Christmassy!

Coloured metallics

An easy way to play down metallics a bit is to go for colours rather than gold and silver. Rose-gold (which is a pinky colour) is really popular at the moment, while mint green looks nice too. Make sure you don’t choose bright jewel colours, as these are very Christmassy and don’t work as well during the rest of the year.


To dress coloured metallics down a bit more, make sure you always wear them with black tights and add neutral coloured accessories as this will help tone them down. Beige, camel, black and navy all look nice – I’d stay clear of white though.

Metallics for work

There’s no reason why you can’t wear metallics for work, as long as they’re subtle. Gold works best for this look I think as it is quite smart and can look classy. Why not team a plain black pencil skirt with a gold blouse and add a jumper over the top, with the collar peeping out? Or add a bit of sparkle to plain black cigarette trousers with a soft metallic blouse.

Cream will help to neutralise metallics and is less harsh than white, while navy teamed with gold creates more gentle contrast that black. A navy dress with a metallic gold shirt underneath would look gorgeous. Make sure you keep jewellery to a minimum – remember you’re at work! Keep your shoes simple too.

Metallic accessories

I think the easiest way to get some metallics into your wardrobe during the spring months is with your accessories. One of my favourite night-out looks is a black or navy dress with a shimmering gold or silver clutch. You can really go for it with this look – sequins, jewels, mirrors – anything metallic will do as the bag should make a real statement.

Similarly, look for heels with metallic toe-caps and heels. These were popular at the end of last year and are set to continue to make their mark into 2013. These are classy enough for any kind of evening out, but subtle enough to wear to the office. My fave combination is beige shoes with silver toe-caps.

So, as you can see, there are loads of ways in which you can wear metallics all year round – all you need to do is balance out the sparkle with your accessories and give some thought to the occasion. Make 2013 your year to shine – literally!

This guest blog was contributed by Lesley Sampson, a freelance blogger who his glad the Christmas stress is now in the past especially as she picked up some great platform heels and party dresses in the sales.

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