Recycle your old Fashion Accessories

When you consider the amount of dresses, blouses, tops, skirts, jeans, leggings, trousers and more that are hanging in the wardrobe you will realise that it is entirely possible that by mixing different items up that you may completely recycle a look. That New Look tunic may have been made for those pants however coupled with your top label denim skirt and those to-die-for sling back shoes a new fabulous outfit that will do you proud when out and about will be born.

recycled fashion

Recycling clothes in this way, mixing patterns, materials, lengths and cuts is the best way to reinvent your wardrobe and increase the number of outfits that you have without spending a penny.

When it comes to putting the perfect outfit together quite often what may make or break a look are the accessories that are chosen to compliment the style. It is through the use of a variety of fashion accessories that you are able to completely alter an outfit so that it will scream individuality yet won’t go as far as to look too bizarre. Necklaces, bangles, earrings, belts, tights, bags, purses and scarves to name a few are all tools with which you may jazz up any outfit and turn it from the Miss Selfridge dress and Dorothy Perkins heels to your own individually styled design piece.

In the same way that clothing may be mixed up and recycled, fashion accessories are often used the same way. The problem with using very distinctive pieces; those bags, bangles and pendants time and time again, is that they become the norm. What was once a funky jade African design choker that turned you into a goddess when coupled with that embroidered white cotton shift dress over time becomes a green choker, nondescript and “normal”. Keeping your wardrobe fresh takes an eye for colour, style and new accessories to add that personal touch.

While we would all love to splash out hundreds of pounds on funky accessories it is rarely something that many of us can afford to do. Instead of making do with what you have use discount codes, free delivery codes and money off vouchers when shopping so that you have the piece of pieces you desire without the price tag you dread. Use a reputable site to search for retailers and enjoy saving money on your fashion bargains.

When it comes to shopping for accessories however it is not simply the style, shape and colour of the pieces that need to be taken into account but also the price. Be sensible, save pounds rather than pennies and then enjoy unleashing your own particular style ideas on your wardrobe, armed with new fashion accessories and your imagination which is unhindered by the worry of how to be free from credit repayments.

This posts was provided by Darryn Lewis who writes on a number of subjects including shopping, fashion and discount codes.

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