This Year’s Snow Boots for Not so Snowy Countries

Winter and particularly Christmas can be a challenging time with so many parties and the changing cold conditions. It is even more trying in the snow and often we ladies have to make the difficult choice between being practical and looking fabulous. This year however is different. Designers at our favourite fashion houses have been hard at work creating both practical and great looking collections of footwear. So here are the must have`s for 2012.

snow boots image

Getting Practical

This year is all about fur and knee length boots. Brands such as Sorel and North Face have been doing particularly well with their good looks and rugged durability. While you might not need them that often they will last for years and keep your feet firmly on the ground. When buying snow boots look at their age and the material they are made from. Some look nice but won’t last in testing conditions.

When buying snow boots like this you will also want to consider getting some decent winter socks. Snow socks are thin but extremely warm and help to provide a more comfortable walking experience in snow shoes.

Prepared but not Over the Top

Finding the middle ground. It is fair to say that while they look great, snow boots are only useful in certain conditions. You therefore need some boots that are more practical than traditional snow boots but also fashionable enough to wear out and about. So what options do you have? Well, we would recommend again knee high boots with a fur lining and almost flat heals. Heals in these conditions are only going to cause problems and the lower to the ground you are the better.

Some people like to go with over the knee boots in these conditions because they provide extra warmth but this is often at the expense of mobility. In slippy conditions knee high boots are often better.

Boots for the City

If you live in the city then ankle boots are a must. These go well with almost any outfit but to stay warm you should look for fur lined ankle boots. These are widely available but you should also look at whether they have good grip and whether they are waterproof or not. Wet feet can ruin your night so go prepared. We personally like the darker tone boots like those below.

So three good pairs of boots should keep you well equipped for the whole winter and in the rare event of some snow fall. Remember when shopping for winter boots look for dark colours and practical materials. Dark browns and blacks usually look best and breathable and reflective materials are a must. These don’t show the dampness.

You should also consider what oufit to wear with your new boots. This can be a challenge in itself as snow boots only work well with trousers, try skinny jeans and fur is often a difficult material to match something with. We will leave that challenge to you but we wish everyone a warm winter greetings.

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