Top 10 Most Unusual Dresses

Designers are always trying to create innovative clothing designs, but sometimes, their ideas are just plain weird. From interesting design concepts to creative textiles, these dresses truly are conversation starters.

Ten of the weirdest dresses

1. The porcelain plate dress

One of the weirdest dresses ever made is a creation made out of broken porcelain plates. This extremely uncomfortable looking dress was created by a talented stylist/ designer called Li Xiaofeng.

porcelain dress 2. Mood Dress

The mood detecting dress was created by Philips, and it detects a woman’s feeling by her body temperature. If the person wearing the dress is angry, the dress turns fire-engine red. If the person wearing the dress is calm, the dress turns green.

colour changing dress 3. Lady Gaga’s meat dress

Lady Gaga surely knows how to surprise people, and she certainly did when she appeared at the MTV Music Video Awards wearing a meat dress. This dress even came with matching meat shoes. The meat dress was made out of real meat, so it must have smelled horrible under the harsh stage lights.

meat dress 4. Birdcage dress

Another extremely weird dress is the birdcage dress. The birdcage dress is a magnificent work of art that acts as a functioning birdcage. The designer, Kasey McMahon, even filled it with real birds.

birdcage dress 5. The tax form dress

The tax form dress is a weird masterpiece that was created out of tax forms. This dress was put together using glue and water-resistant tape. This dress took a month to construct.

tax form dress 6. The duck tape dress

Several young designers created prom dresses made out of duct tape for a scholarship competition. The duck tape dress is completely original, yet it looks extremely uncomfortable to wear.

duct tape dress 7. The phonebook dress

The phonebook dress is a masterpiece. It is made out of paper from a phonebook, and it was made by Jolis Paons. The intricacy of this dress is amazing, but you can’t wear it because it can tear easily since it’s made out of paper.

phonebook dress

8. The wood dress

The wood dress is an extremely uncomfortable-looking dress that was made out of bent and laminated wood. The wood dress was created by Grace Johnson. This dress can actually rise up and down to make mobility easier. However, with this dress, it’s impossible to sit down, but a person can wear it and walk easily.

wood dress

9. Credit card dress

The credit card dress is a dress that is made out of American Express credit cards.

10. Hamburger dress

A dress that mimics a burger definitely earns a spot on this list. This dress is made out of crochet yarn, and it is very original.

This guest post was written by Abi who enjoys writing about men’s and women’s fashion and seasonal styles. Abi writes for many clients including UK clothing website Ark who sell popular branded fashion from the likes of Fred Perry, Superdry, Hearts and Bows, Cloak and Dagger, Glamorous, Humor and more. 

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