Top Workout Gear Trends for 2013

More people are becoming health conscious and are feeling the need to work out on a daily basis. For this reason, the need for trendy fitness clothes is growing exponentially. Back in the day, people simply wore whatever felt comfortable during workouts. The clothes didn’t even have to match as long as they played their part protecting the body against the elements. Things have however changed over the past few years as you can easily find active-wear that is both stylish and comfortable. This article takes a look into top work-out gear trends for 2013.


When selecting fitness clothing for your workout sessions this year, what you need to do is go for something that is both comfortable and pleasing. Consider something you might be able to walk in to a shop with after a workout session and still feel good about yourself. Here are six chunks of workout clothes that you should select wisely this year.


When choosing undergarments, it is of paramount importance that you go for the best quality there is. Undergarments that are snug fit and able to resist moisture are one of top work-out gear trends for 2013. These ones not only keep you dry during a workout session but are really comfortable to walk or run in.

Sports Tops

When buying sports tops, be sure to go for something that is both comfortable and stylish. You will need to consider color, size and the design. The fabric used should be able to keep you cool and fresh through out the workout. You can go for slogan fit tees when it is warm and badge hoodies when its cold. Slogan fitted tees come in a wide variety and selecting the one with the logo that suits you best will be easy.

Windbreakers and Jackets

Windbreakers and jackets come in handy during a workout in more ways than one. Their weight assists in weight-loss whereby the production of sweat in the body is enhanced. On top of this, they give you a tough, yet sporty look whenever you are working out. Try matching colors for an even better look this year.


For a sporty look, select shirts that are both plain in color and fitting. Go for pure cotton for more comfort.


Socks are very an important part of workout clothing and should be selected with great care. Socks help evade irritation during workouts by forming a protective layer between your shoes and feet. The best ones to go for this year are those that contain additional material that prevents odor and are able to absorb sweat.

Shorts and Pants

The best shorts and pants for this year’s workout are the ones with elastic waist. Not only do they prevent itching and allergies,but are also really comfortable.

Basically, when searching for top work-out gear trends for 2013, what you need to consider is comfort and style. Take your time shopping around the internet and you are sure to land something that feels and looks great at all times.

Annie is a fashion blogger for Australia. She has been blogging and writing for over 5 years; mainly about fashion, style and travel. She is currently contributing to the marketing department of Soul Sports.

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