Watches: The finishing touch to any outfit

No ensemble is complete without some accessories. Be it a statement bag, a trendy pair of shoes or earrings, a bold necklace or even a watch, accessories are the finishing touches that pull an outfit together and make it a complete look.

watch accessories

Take watches for example. They are more than just a device to keep the time. Many men, women, designers and stylists say that aside from confidence, a watch is the most important accessory. This small, yet indispensable detail says a lot about who you are as a person and your style.

They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs, and you should, in theory, have one for almost all different occasions. Take a look at some of the must have timepieces for women right now, and see which ones you could stand to add to your wardrobe.

The Everyday Watch

To the office or running errands on the weekend, this should be your go-to watch. Pick one that fits comfortably and is size appropriate. It shouldn’t be too overwhelming or underwhelming, and if you plan to wear it a lot, make sure you like it, a lot. It should also be durable and reliable, like many of the Swatch watches. Whether you choose a leather band or metal, gold or silver, round face or square, roman numerals or small markers, it should be one that fits your personality and style.

Menswear Watch

Over the past few years, the big, bold menswear watch has been the go-to style for many women. Simple and classic, this watch makes a statement without trying too hard. These are most typically metal, such as stainless steel, gunmetal, gold, rose gold and tow-tone. The striking black ionic plating is currently trending, and takes a more modern twist on the classic piece.


Coloured bans and faces are bold and fun. A colorful watch adds a pop to any outfit and can easily brighten your day every time you glance down at it. The spring/ summer season is seeing more and more neon hues and bright colors. If you’re reluctant to buy a watch just because it is “in” style, then opt for a white one. White is the perfect color for summer and will never go out of style.


Look chic while working out. These come in a range of colors, clocks that are digital or chronographic, and bands made of rubber, plastic and other durable materials. Although it may be more geared towards high activity, its functionality is just as important as its appearance.


Dainty and feminine, these bracelet-inspired watches are perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to sacrifice the detail and fashionable look of bracelets. These work well for special occasions because tend to run smaller and maintain that lux, fine jewelry look.

Super Luxurious

Often encrusted with top-quality diamonds and the best metals and leather available, these watches are costly, but exude luxury and opulence. For an equally showy watch, but at a fraction of the price, go for one that has embedded crystals instead of diamonds.

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