5 Unexpected Wedding Accessories for Him

Your wedding is fast approaching, and nearly every detail has been thought of and planned for. However, many brides can neglect one crucial component of their wedding: the groom! He may have his suit, wedding band and boutonnière in place, but have you thought of the smaller touches? Chances are likely that he has not.

5 Unexpected Wedding Accessories for Him

Why not put a little extra finishing touch or two into his wedding day ensemble? Not only will it give him a polished look, but small touches using accessories can make an outfit truly memorable. With so much attention usually given primarily to the bride, putting the focus a little more on your groom is bound to make him feel more included and special. As an added bonus, all of these accessories can be given as pre-wedding gifts, and are perfectly suitable for him to wear time and time again. Here are five wedding accessories for him that are worth trying.

Lapel pins

Lapel pins are not only being increasingly seen in weddings on grooms and groomsmen, but they are fast becoming one of the hottest men’s accessories in general. A lapel pin is a perfect way to accentuate a boutonnière rather than using the drab pin supplied by the florist, or it can supplant the boutonnière entirely if your groom is feeling resistant to florals. Lapel pins can be simple and discreet, or more elaborate and eye-catching (especially if they are replacing a boutonnière).

Pendants for men

5 Surprise Wedding Accessories for HimDesigner pendants for men are a surprisingly great wedding day accessory: your groom can wear his pendant discreetly under his suit for the ceremony and photos, but show it off at the end of the night once the tie comes off and he lets loose. Many guys like to wear pendants on their wedding days that have some sort of symbolism, be it religious, family-related or personal.
If designer pendants for men in pricy precious materials like gold and platinum are not in your budget, don’t worry: there are plenty of high quality alternatives available at a fraction of the price. Look for designer pendants for men in materials like stainless steel, titanium, tungsten carbide and ceramic – all are extremely affordable, yet durable enough to last him a lifetime.

Watch link bracelets

Offering a classic menswear look, watch link bracelets resemble the band of a timepiece. These bracelets are great accessories for guys who need an extra finishing touch for their wedding day outfit but tend to be more conservative in their style choices. Like designer pendants for men, watch link bracelets can easily be found in high quality contemporary materials, and can also easily be hidden under a suit. Make sure to not only select a color that you know he will like, but do a little research into the different materials as well: some guys may prefer the lightweight feel of materials like titanium or ceramic, while others may favor the heftier weight of materials like tungsten carbide.

Vintage or vintage-inspired cuff links

Most men will wear cuff links on their wedding day, but why stick with a boring generic pair? Cuff links are small enough that they’re perfect for adding a little flair without going overboard, and they’re also great for wedding day close-up shots. Many guys these days are opting for cuff links picked up at the antique store: not only are they utterly original, but they’re usually one of a kind as well. Look for a pair of cuff links that will have some sort of intrinsic or personal meaning to him, or at least reflect his individual personality and style.

Pocket squares

Another great way to add a pop of personality into the groom’s wedding day ensemble is with a pocket square. Pocket squares can bring a hint of color to otherwise subdued suits or tuxes, and can be color coordinated with the bride’s or bridesmaids’ dresses or the florals.

Tanya Zilinskas Naouri writes articles about wedding day accessories like designer pendants for men for JustMensRings.com.

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