Traditional Celtic Wedding Dresses

If you or your partner are of Irish decent, or you simply fancy an Irish themed wedding, then you may want to consider having a traditional Celtic wedding dress. Celtic dresses pose as a true testament of individuality and greatly honour Irish traditions in all their glory.

Medieval Gowns

Many Celtic themed dresses originate from medieval roots; these dresses are hard to find in normal wedding stores so it may be that you have to have one hand made. This can prove to be pricey, however you have the guarantee that your dress will be individual and unique.  A plus point of having your gown handmade is that you can have it custom fitted to your figure, creating a stunning look that can’t be replicated with a standard wedding dress. Many people use Celtic gowns as a sign of heritage, embracing the roots from which their family came from. Scottish weddings often carry the same principle, with the groom and best man wearing kilts to honour their past, and future.

Wedding Dress Designs

Celtic wedding dresses are usually based around a long flowing design; sometimes embroidery is integrated into the dress to create a true Celtic style. The embroidery is usually gold, with the dress being white. Other dresses use deep reds to add that extra boost of colour.  Celtic wedding dresses often have drapes to cover the arms, giving that vintage feel that many brides desire.

Themed Weddings

You do not need a traditional dress to have an Irish themed wedding. For instance, some couples use wedding rings with Celtic knot designs engraved onto the ring. According to Irish folklore, the luckiest day to get married is on New Year’s Eve, so you may wish to incorporate this into your special day. The dress would traditionally be made out of blue material, however as times have changed white dresses with coloured lace are becoming more common among Irish brides.

Unity candles are also of Irish descent. A single candle lies upon the altar, while the bride and groom both take their individual candles and light the unity candle together, symbolising the joining of man and wife. This is a great idea to incorporate into your wedding, and it can make it more romantic as you can have the unity candles as well as the exchanging of rings, making it a more memorable day.

While reciting the vows, another tradition is that the hand of the bride is bound to the hand of the groom with ribbon or lace. This physical joining of hands is a practice that is still commonly used today. The ribbon is then removed after the vows have been read.

Whatever you choose to do with your wedding, make sure that all your plans are agreed upon and will make the big day more magical. There are many resources online for things like wedding dresses, why not have a look around and see what you can find.

Christian Scott hosted his own Celtic themed wedding last year. He recommends you plan carefully to ensure your special day runs smoothly. has more details on different styles of wedding dress.

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