Trends for the Guests of Weddings

Being invited to a wedding is both dreamy and nerve-wracking. Looking good but not overshadowing the real stars of the event is always a balance that one needs to be considered. So what should the ladies consider for dresses for this year’s weddings?

The Seasonal Trends
Since it’s still summer (just), there remains an abundance of styles you can try on. “From floral-printed dresses to the closet staple, the Little Black Dress, choosing which outfit to wear is easier than it sounds,” fashion site iterates. As for the fall weddings, Huffington Post is always right on schedule for what would be trendy. “For 2013, we’re loving ladylike dresses in vibrant colours like cobalt, moss green, and magenta; if you prefer neutrals, opt for black, gray, and navy in modern silhouettes,” the style section of the news site highlighted.

The Specifics To Wear
One good thing about “just” being a guest to a wedding is the freedom to choose what to wear. This means you can buy a nice dress that won’t really harm your budget. Retail brands now are going full throttle to cater to the high-fashion tastes of many consumers now. One particular UK retail chain is a great example. As Marie Claire reported, “The Marks & Spencer autumn/winter 2013 collection is the end product of six months of intensive customer research and the many sleepless nights of Marks & Spencer’s new style director, Belinda Earl. M&S has had a stylish makeover and we are loving it.”

A Few Suggestions
In a’s article regarding what to wear for Summer Weddings, here are their suggestions along with M&S apparel that matches:

wedding guests

1. Floral-Printed Dress
M&S suggests – Limited Edition Fleur & Animal Print Shirt Dress, £45

2. Formal Dress
M&S suggests – M&S Collection Deep V-Neck Ruched Bodice Chiffon Dress, Now: £28 Was: £69

3. Cocktail Dress
M&S suggests – M&S Collection Pleated Fit & Flare Dress, Now: £32 Was: £75

As for Huffington Post’s suggestions for Fall Wedding Guest Dresses, here are some of them along with some M&S suggestions:

1. Feeling Blue
M&S suggests – M&S Collection Pleated Fit & Flare Dress, £75

2. The Bold and the Beautiful
M&S suggests – Per Una Speziale Colour Block Shift Dress with Modal, £85

3. Pink Lady
M&S suggests – M&S Collection Floral Lace Bodice Ponte Dress, £35


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